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Are women worth more than men?29 Apr

It’s official! (well, according to the latest research carried out by legal consultant Employment Law Advisory Services)

Having at least one woman on a company’s board reduces the risk of a business failing by more than 20%. Also, more than 80% of companies with women on their boards are optimistic about surviving the recession in good shape.

Apparently, women executives are more frugal, responsive and flexible.

Firms with women in the boardroom achieve a 10% higher return on capital than those firms run entirely by men. Added to this, women accountants traditionally earn up to 50% less than men.

Value for money, I’d say!

2 Responses to “Are women worth more than men?”

  1. Simon Morton

    Has got to be true, as women are far more careful with there money. Do you have a link to the article.

  2. Nick Morton

    Is ELAS run by women by any chance? ;) Equal opportunity should be the case and it amazes me that its 50% difference still. This must be changing now…

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