Client Review: The Brainminer23 Apr

Tom, The Brainminer

Tom, The Brainminer

When I set up The Brainminer I could not have had better coaching or business guidance than I got from Aileen.

At a scary but exciting point in the evolution of a new business she made everything understandable and simple. She reassured and supported. Her thorough but broad advice ranged from tax and VAT consultation to wider business support like cash flow and client billing. Aileen has a naturally supportive and coaching style but is rigorous in making sure you do the right thing.

In the first year of The Brainminer I could not have asked for a better partner in helping me turn it into the successful entity it now is. Both she and Julie were there whenever I needed them, making sure things happened in the right way at the right time. They both involve you rather than “do” for you so that you feel you are still steering your own ship.

They are thoroughly brilliant to work with and very exacting in what they do.

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