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5 good reasons you should use online accounts packages13 Jan


Web based accounting is a relatively new phenomenon where the user can access and use a complete accounts package, through a customised web-site usually hosted by their accountancy provider. Following a good deal of research, the team here at FAB have identified Liberty Accounts as the best system currently on the market. We have come up with 5 key reasons as to why this might be just the solution for anyone considering changing from their existing system, or upgrading from a manual system.

1. No upfront cost or upgrades.

Unlike buying traditionally boxed software, there is no upfront cost with this option. You pay a small monthly subscription, which is scaleable depending on how much of the system you want to use. Because it is web-based, you are always on the latest version of software, so you never need to worry about being forced onto the next upgrade. All you need to start is a typically configured computer (Windows, Mac, Linux etc), with internet access.

2. Scaleable to grow with your business.

There is a pretty exhaustive list of features available, but many small businesses or start-ups may only wish to use a few of them to begin with, say raising sales invoices, or posting purchase invoices or bank transactions. As your confidence or your business grows, you can add on the bits you need e.g. stock, a fixed asset register, payroll. You can even file your VAT on-line!

3. We can see exactly what you see, so we can help immediately.

With this system, both accountant and client can access the same accounting information. You can opt to do as much or as little as you like. Some users might prefer to do just the basic data entry of invoices and bank transactions and let the accountant do all the VAT and the “clever stuff”. At the end of the year, there is no need to any backing-up and sending of data files as all the data is stored via the web browser, so we can access your data remotely (or at your office) to perform month-end and quarterly routines.

4. Easy to use with multi-user access.

Because Liberty Accounts is delivered as a service over the internet, it is inherently networked, available for any authorised user to have access wherever they are. With a lot of accounts packages, there is a charge for additional users

5. 100% security and back-ups

The system works over dial-up speed networks so if you have access to a wi-fi link you can use it while you’re on the road and be confident that your business data is secure, whatever happens to your laptop. We ensure that your data is stored in a way which minimises the risk of data loss. Daily backups are kept offsite and we regularly test restoration of those backups.

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